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Ohio Dairy Health and Management Certificate Program

The Ohio Dairy Health and Management Certificate Program (ODHMCP) offers advanced educational knowledge and hands-on opportunities in an intensive face-to-face workshop environment for dairy veterinary practitioners and consultants. The program provides a framework to develop cutting edge applied skills in dairy production medicine and decision making. This is a 3-year program consisting of ten 2-day modules that emphasize application at every level. Speakers include experts from the College of Veterinary Medicine and the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences; as well as experts from industry, private practice, and other universities from around the country. In addition, there will be an optional international educational trip offered at the conclusion of the program.

The overall program will be focused on developing a system-in-place for modern dairy herds of any sizes with strong emphasis on prevention and a process of continuous improvement. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Prevention of diseases at the herd level requires an ongoing and constant effort with effective coordination of the whole system (animals, quality feed/water, best facility design, environment, and well-trained personnel). How to remain competitive is the “big” question, which includes knowing the consumer expectations. Module topics include: Nutrition, Reproduction, Economics, Housing, Health, Welfare, Leadership, and Replacement Heifers.

Continuing education credits will be granted on an “hour for hour” basis. Generally, 16 hours of credit per module.

Registration fee covers the cost of facilities, materials, farm visits, and meals. Participants must provide their own transportation to and lodging while at the course.  Access to e-mail, Internet, and computer is required for all participants.

  • Individual Plan: $6,000 (US) per participant if paid in full with registration form ($7,000 if paid as installments). $3,000 is due with registration form and is applied toward tuition. The balance must be paid as yearly installments of $2,000. Refunds will only be available in extenuating circumstances, and will be handled on a per request basis.
  • Practice Plan: allows a multiple-person practice to send different veterinarians to different modules, under the rate and terms of the Individual Plan. The certificate of completion, if earned, will be issued in the name of the practice.
  • Specific-Module Plan: allows individuals to enroll in one or more specific modules without enrolling in the full program.  Cost is $850 per module.

The number of participants will be limited. If the number of applications exceeds capacity, participants will be selected by order of application arrival. If the number of applicants is insufficient to support the program budget, OSU reserves the right to delay or withdraw the course offering.


  • Program is not currently open for registration.

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